Contact: Andrew Blakers

We can go further than the Atlas as part of a consultancy:

  • Brownfield survey: The initial Atlas contains only greenfield sites where both reservoirs require construction. We take no account of existing mining pits or reservoirs because reservoir volume cannot be determined from satellite elevation data. Upon request we can undertake a brownfield survey to assess existing features. If an organisation nominates existing reservoirs or mining pits (and can supply the shape and volume) then we can search in detail for all suitable reservoir sites nearby.
  • Additional filters. For example, remove sites that conflict with local (in addition to CAPAD) environmental, cultural or urban databases.
  • Multiple pairing: In our Global Atlas we match each potential reservoir with only one other to reduce complexity. However, we can match each reservoir with each and every one of the nearby reservoirs, and generate all the data for each pair, to provide the user with more detailed pairing options for any specific region.
  • Add extra criteria: e.g. distance to existing/proposed road/transmission line.
  • Assessment of a hybrid solar, wind and storage system; in other words, a private renewable energy zone.
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