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Andrew Blakers, Anna Nadolny, 22nd December 2022, Global coal use in 2022 is reaching an all-time high, but Australia is bucking the trend, The Conversation.

Cheng Cheng, Andrew Blakers, Anna Nadolny, 15th December 2022, Australia needs much more solar and wind power, but where are the best sites? We mapped them all, The Conversation.

Cheng Cheng, Andrew Blakers, Anna Nadolny, 11th November 2022, Batteries of gravity and water: we found 1,500 new pumped hydro sites next to existing reservoirs, The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, 22nd September 2022, There’s a huge surge in solar production under way – and Australia could show the world how to use it, The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, 31st May 2022, To triple transmission capacity, landowners and neighbours need to be paid more, Renew Economy.

Andrew Blakers, 16th May 2022, Renewables snapshot: Are we on track to decarbonise the globe?, Renew Economy.

Andrew Blakers, 14th February 2022, Big battery plans for Pilbara ignore massive pumped-hydro potential, Renew Economy.

Andrew Blakers, Bin Lu, and Matthew Stocks, 20th January 2022, Batteries get hyped, but pumped hydro provides the vast majority of long-term energy storage essential for renewable power – here’s how it works, The Conversation.


Andrew Blakers, 17th October 2021, Barnaby Joyce has refused to support doubling Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction targets – but we could get there so cheaply and easily, The Conversation.


Andrew Blakers, 21st August 2020, Why Angus Taylor’s electorate would make an excellent renewable energy zone, Renew Economy.

Andrew Blakers, 20th July 2020, Solar PV panel waste will not become a significant problem, Renew Economy.

Andrew Blakers, 29th May 2020, Really Australia, it’s not that hard: 10 reasons why renewable energy is the future, The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers and Matthew Stocks, 22nd May 2020, Off-river pumped hydro could provide lower costs for energy storage, Renew Economy.

Andrew Blakers and Matthew Stocks, 7th May 2020, Technology leaps driving cost of solar PV electricity in Australia to just A$30/MWh, Renew Economy.

David Firnando Silalahi, 22nd April 2020, Why solar energy can help Indonesia attain 100% green electricity by 2050, The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers and Matthew Stocks, 16th April 2020, Australia deploying new renewables at ten times global average, Renew Economy.

Andrew Blakers, 16th January 2020, How an Aussie invention could soon cut 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, The Conversation.


Andrew Blakers, 6th November 2019, Curious Kids: how do solar panels work?, The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers and Matthew Stocks, 24th October 2019, Some good news for a change: Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are set to fall, The Conversation.

Matthew Stocks, Andrew Blakers and Ken Baldwin, 25th September 2019, Australia is the runaway global leader in building new renewable energy, The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, 12th March 2019, How to neutralise your greenhouse gas footprint, The Conversation.


Andrew Blakers, 17th December 2018, All the pumped hydro data needed for NSW’s clean energy transition, Renew Economy.

Ken Baldwin, Andrew Blakers and Matthew Stocks, 10th September 2018, At its current rate, Australia is on track for 50% renewable electricity in 2025, The Conversation.

Matthew Stocks and Andrew Blakers, 27th June 2018, New coal doesn’t stack up – just look at Queensland’s renewable energy numbers, The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, Bin Lu and Matthew Stocks, 3rd May 2018, Indonesia miliki banyak tempat penyimpanan energi hidro untuk sokong 100% listrik terbarukan, The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, Bin Lu and Matthew Stocks, 3rd May 2018, Indonesia has far more than enough pumped hydro storage sites to support a 100% renewable electricity grid, The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, 6th April 2018, Solar PV and wind are on track to replace all coal, oil and gas within two decades, The Conversation.


Andrew Blakers, Bin Lu and Matthew Stocks, 27th November 2017, What’s the net cost of using renewables to hit Australia’s climate target? Nothing, The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, Bin Lu and Matthew Stocks, 21st September 2017, Want energy storage? Here are 22,000 sites for pumped hydro across Australia The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, 20th September 2017, Tenaga surya kini sumber listrik terpopuler di dunia The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, 3rd August 2017, Solar is now the most popular form of new electricity generation worldwide]( The Conversation.

Anna Nadolny and Andrew Blakers, 2nd May 2017, Charging to the Future – but are our governments keeping up with electric cars? Public Sector Informant_.

Andrew Blakers, 2nd February 2017, The government is right to fund energy storage: a 100% renewable grid is within reach The Conversation.

## 2016 Andrew Blakers and Richard Corkish, 14th September 2016, Despite the funding cut, ARENA’s glass is still half full – here’s how to spend the money The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, 27th June 2016, Wind and solar PV have won the race – it’s too late for other clean energy technologies The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, 26th May 2016, How Australia can eliminate coal-fired electricity by 2030 The Sydney Morning Herald.


Andrew Blakers, 9th July 2014, How pushing water uphill can solve our renewable energy issues The Conversation.


Andrew Blakers, 21st August 2013,) The north’s future is electrifying: powering Asia with renewables The Conversation.

Andrew Blakers, 26th March 2013, Explainer: what is photovoltaic solar energy? The Conversation.

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