Contact: Andrew Blakers

Investigators: Andrew Blakers, Matt Stocks, Bin Lu, Cheng Cheng, Ryan Stocks, Anna Nadolny

Figure 1. A possible pumped hydro energy storage site.

The great majority of global installed electricity storage for grids is pumped hydro energy storage. This technology is mature, and so costs are more certain. We have teamed up with experienced engineers to produce a cost model that, given some basic information for a possible pumped hydro site, will produce a reasonable cost estimate. This will be released soon.


To view a webinar detailing the upcoming PHES cost model, download the following powerpoint (please note that this is a very large file). To listen to the recorded audio, use Windows Media Player or an equivalent Mac-compatible software.

This simplified PHES cost model can be used to find the ballpark volume, energy stored, and cost for a PHES system.

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