Shahid Ali

Senior Research Officer

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Renewable energy resources, Pumped hydro energy storage, GIS analysis, Bayesian Network modelling, Life cycle cost analysis.

Current Research Low-Cost Integration of On-Site Solar PV for Large-Scale Industrial Heat Supply.


Dr. Shahid Ali is a Senior Research Officer in the 100% RE group at the School of Engineering of the Australian National University. He holds a PhD in Energy Planning from Griffith University, QLD, a Masters in Sustainable Energy Management from PSU, Thailand, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical (Power) Engineering from Pakistan. He is currently engaged in an industrial project, “Low-Cost Integration of On-Site Solar PV for Large-Scale Industrial Heat Supply”, funded by ARENA. With a professional background in electrical engineering and established expertise in renewable energy research with various publications and international conferences. He brings extensive knowledge across various domains, including renewable energy planning, resource management, environmental stewardship, spatial energy planning, multi-criteria decision-making analysis, socio-economic probabilistic modelling, and energy project cost evaluation, among others.

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