Matthew Stocks

Associate Professor


High penetration of renewable energy in electricity networks, renewable energy policy, pumped hydro energy storage, high efficiency silicon devices (including IBC and SLIVER solar) cells, tandem solar cell energy yields, GaAs cells for concentrators and tandem devices, Perovskite/Si tandems


High renewables penetration scenarios, including electricity, sustainable transport, and electrified heat.

Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific project.


Associate Professor Matthew Stocks is currently on leave from the ANU and is working as the Senior Technical Lead with the Office of the Special Adviser on Low Emissions Technology, DISER.

Associate Professor Stocks has more than 25 years research and development experience in renewable energy and photovoltaics. He has been chief investigator for several ARENA funded research projects, which have covered diverse topics, such as high efficiency solar cell design and processing (including silicon based IBC cells, and tandem solar cells with either perovskites or GaAs and silicon as the lower bandgap device), and high renewable penetration studies, including 100% renewable energy, sustainable transport, and heat.

The work of the RE100 group on pumped hydro energy storage and the integration of renewable energy in Australia has had wide engagement from industry, government, and the general public, culminating with the award of the Eureka Prize for Environmental Science in 2018.

From 2000-2012, Associate Professor Stocks gained extensive experience in research and development, and commercialisation of silicon photovoltaics, driving the development of the SLIVER cell manufacturing process at ANU from idea through to proof of concept. In 2003, he then joined Origin Energy for the design and build of the pilot facility, ultimately taking the role of Chief Technologist, overseeing the full suite of SLIVER technology R&D. He continued in this role when Transform Solar, a joint venture between Micron and Origin, was formed and manufacturing moved to the US. SLIVER commercialisation was a major endeavour with over $250M in expenditure, with more than $7M in royalties flowing to ANU. Associate Professor Stocks development activities spanned the full breadth of SLIVER development, from silicon material refinement through to new product development and certification testing.

Activities & Awards#

Eureka Prize for Environmental Science (2018)

ANU Media and Outreach Award - Impact Award for Reach and Influence (2017)

ANU Media and Outreach Award - Emerging Talent Award (2017)

Associate Professor Stocks is the convener and lecturer for several courses.

For a full publications list, please see this link.

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