Harry Thawley

Research Officer

Research Interests#

  • Renewable energy network modelling, design, and optimisation
  • Analysis of energy networks against complex and non-traditional criteria, e.g. resilience, autarky, socio-political factors
  • Assessment and comparison of energy networks against multiple and non-quantitative objectives
  • Renewable energy transition and policy


Harry graduated from the ANU with a Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development) (Honours) in 2023. He worked on a number of undergraduate research project in fields including perovskite solar cell passivation - combining 2D chemistry, optoelectronics, and solar cell engineering - and energy network resilience modelling - involving development of quantitative resilience metrics and data intensive analysis.

He is currently a research officer with the RE100 group at the ANU, researching the topology of broad optima and methods of modelling to generate alternatives (MGA) in non-convex optimisation problems.

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