Cheng Cheng

Senior Research Officer

Picture of Cheng Cheng




Renewable energy integration, energy system modelling, GIS analysis


High renewables penetration scenarios, including electricity, sustainable transport, and electrified heat.

Offshore Wind and the Asia Pacific


Cheng Cheng is a Research Officer and PhD Candidate at the Australian National University’s School of Engineering. He completed his B.Engineering (Hons) degree at the Australian National University in 2017. He has worked on multiple aspects of renewable energy deployment and integration, including decarbonisation pathways, electric vehicles, heat pumps, pumped hydro energy storage, offshore wind, and hydrogen.

He is actively engaged in discussions with industry, government and academic fellows, and has presented his work at 10+ international academic conferences. He has tutored several undergraduate and postgraduate courses within the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, and has convened several DFAT funded professional learning short courses.

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