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Pumped hydro energy storage

Matt Stocks
Andrew Blakers, Matt Stocks, Bin Lu, Cheng Cheng, Anna Nadolny

Fig. 1. PHES sites around Australia. Click here for a higher resolution image.

Energy storage is important in securing the stability of an electricity grid. Pumped hydro energy storage, or PHES, could have a huge impact upon the Australian electricity grid. The great majority of energy storage installed globally is PHES. This project focuses upon the resource potential within Australia and other countries. This work searches for pairs of dams with an altitudinal difference of more than 250 m, and excludes residential areas, national parks and other sensitive places.

We have published an atlas covering all of Australia.


Press release for the Australian Atlas (docx, 62 K)

An Australian atlas of pumped hydro energy storage (pdf, 7.6 M)

An Australian atlas of pumped hydro energy storage: Figures (pdf, 8.9 M)

Simplified PHES Calculator (xlsx, 12 K)

Further details

A detailed description of the capability of STORES to provide ancillary services (PDF, 216 K)

Identification of potential STORES Renewable Energy Zones (PDF, 3.2 M)

An analysis of potential STORES environmental and water consumption impacts (PDF, 703 K)

A comparison of STORES with other energy storage technologies, gas and biomass generation (PDF, 139 K)

Atlas by Region

ACT and district

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia


Central & Western Asia

East Asia


Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean

North America


South America

South Asia

Southeast Asia

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