Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean PHES sites

The ANU is currently mapping pumped hydro energy storage sites throughout Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean – with detailed information for individual countries to follow. Protected areas have been excluded from this map.

Fig. 1. Potential PHES locations in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Red areas are highly prospective with potential heads better than 800 m. Other colours are also attractive, although with lower potential heads.

These sites were found using algorithms with defined search criteria within a geographic information system (GIS) platform. This platform was used to find detailed information, such as head, reservoir areas, and storage capacity. This list is not yet exhaustive. We are also in the process of developing a cost model that will determine the least cost option for the tunnelling between two reservoirs, and therefore the location of the lower reservoir. The Australian atlas can be accessed through the link below for reference – the additional information mentioned above will be available in future releases of the atlas.


An atlas of pumped hydro energy storage (pdf, 46 K)

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