Our research covers all industries that emit greenhouse gases, and seeks to propose realistic pathways to a decarbonised economy.

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100% renewable electricity

We analyse solar, meteorological, and topographical data to determine the viability of entirely renewable and clean electrical grids in Australia and other countries. We determine costs for these grids, and compare them to BAU approaches.

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Sites for pumped hydro energy storage

We produce reports and details for possible pumped hydro energy storage sites that could be developed and so provide stability for electricity grids.

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Electric road transport

Australia depends heavily on personal cars for transport, but has invested very little in electric vehicles, while continuing to import 90% of the liquid fuel it consumes.

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Low temperature heat

Current methods of space and water heating can be made more efficient with heat pumps and better insulation.

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High temperature heat

Refining and working metals often requires temperatures higher than 2000˚C, which can be delivered more efficiently and cleanly without coal.

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Aviation & shipping

International aviation and shipping contribute 4% each to the global emission of greenhouse gases, and are not counted among national emissions. We investigate alternative fuels and the possible impacts of their adoption.

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Industrial processes

Many industrial processes, such as the production of concrete and the use of refrigerants, release more greenhouse gases than necessary.

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