Global PHES atlas detailed spreadsheets


Fig. 1. Sites around the globe. Detailed zoomable maps are available.Credits: Pumped hydro site data: RE100 Group ANU. Background: Bing Maps

Detailed visualization is available at the AREMI website, which is a Government spatial data platform for the Australian energy industry: (click Add Data / Renewable Energy / Hydro / Storage).

CLICK HERE for a direct link to AREMI.

CLICK HERE for AREMI maps help

A global atlas of pumped hydro energy storage (PDF, 812 K)

Global summary spreadsheet (xlsx, 55 K)

Australia spreadsheet (xlsx, 5.8 M)

Canada spreadsheet (xlsx, 37.6 M)

Caribbean spreadsheet (xlsx, 3.4 M)

Central America spreadsheet (xlsx, 63.5 M)

Central Asia spreadsheet (xlsx, 25.3 M)

Eastern Africa spreadsheet (xlsx, 74.6 M)

Eastern Asia spreadsheet (xlsx, 212.4 M)

Eastern Europe spreadsheet (xlsx, 34.3 M)

Melanesia spreadsheet (xlsx, 22.7 M)

Middle Africa spreadsheet (xlsx, 35.7 M)

New Zealand spreadsheet (xlsx, 1.7 M)

Northern Africa spreadsheet (xlsx, 16.3 M)

Northern Europe spreadsheet (xlsx, 2.1 M)

Other Northern America spreadsheet (xlsx, 50 K)

Polynesia spreadsheet (xlsx, 94 K)

South America spreadsheet (xlsx, 125.9 M)

South Eastern Asia spreadsheet (xlsx, 114.2 M)

Southern Africa spreadsheet (xlsx, 11.4 M)

Southern Asia spreadsheet (xlsx, 108.1 M)

Southern Europe spreadsheet (xlsx, 16.8 M)

USA spreadsheet (xlsx, 57.1 M)

Western Africa spreadsheet (xlsx, 9.9 M)

Western Asia spreadsheet (xlsx, 61.7 M)

Western Europe spreadsheet (xlsx, 4 M)

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